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The Band of the Brigade of Gurkhas adapts to COVID19 restrictions

11th May 2020

The Band of the Brigade of Gurkhas adapts to COVID19 restrictions.

Most military band performances (unless cleared by the Ministry of Defence) are currently onhold like so many other music events across the UK and around the world.

But it is important that musicians keep up their practice routines to maintain a high professional level of personal capability on their instruments for when they can fully return to work and perform for audiences and fans around the world.

The Band of the Brigade of Gurkhas has like so many had to find ways to deliver music and also maintain musical quality through practice and mentoring using social distancing and through digital devices and video conference calls.

The Band are located in Shorncliffe with many of the younger personnel living in single accommodation blocks. Where possible musical mentoring programmes for the younger members of the band is delviered through digital conference meetings. The Band have also allocated strict training spaces in the band practice block, with social distancing being applied and maximum hygiene regimes.

Band social distancing
Band social distancing
Band social distancing

This one to one and group mentoring is key as many of the young Gurkhas in the Band have joined having never picked up their allocated instrument before and have to work very hard over the early years to reach the required standard to be an effective and musician in the band.

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