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The British Army of the future – ‘Future Soldier’

26th November 2021

Future Soldier

The British Army is changing the way it operates. We are delivering the most radical transformation to our Army in 20 years, called Future Soldier.
It involves thinking differently about emerging threats, how we deal with them, and the skills, capabilities, and equipment that we need

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The Army will be more global in its perspective, its operations and its partnerships.

This will be achieved through persistent presence. This means having more troops positioned across the globe, who are ready to anticipate and respond to emerging threats at any time. Not only will this provide improved global access for our operations, but it also will prevent conflict by reassuring allies and deterring adversaries that we are always ready to fight. The Army has already established Land Regional Hubs in Germany, Kenya and Oman.

Three specialist units have been created to drive the Army’s global operations:

Global Response Force (GRF) – is designed to respond to emerging global crises, from humanitarian relief through to warfighting. They measure their response time in hours and days.

Army Special Operations Brigade – is routinely deployed alongside partner forces around the world to counter Violent Extremist Organisations and hostile state threats. It was established on 31 August 2021 and includes the new Ranger Regiment, which will reach Initial Operating Capability in December 2021.

11th Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB) – will be persistently engaged across the globe with the capabilities and skills to build the defence capacity of partner nations. It will commission, design, deliver and assess security force assistance activity and will operate with allies and partners.

The Army has reinforced the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps as NATO’s foremost deployable HQ. We will continue to lead within the alliance.

Brigade of Gurkhas

An expeditionary Army ready for the next challenge, not the last.

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