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The Gurkha Museum The First of Many – John Tytler VC

16th February 2022

The Gurkha Museum is proud to announce its first online exhibition of 2022.

The exhibition, entitled ‘The First of Many – John Tytler VC, shines the spotlight on John Adam Tytler who was the first man to receive a Victoria Cross for service with a Gurkha unit.  

One of the most significant donations the Gurkha Museum received in 2021 was a number of papers relating to the military service of John Tytler. The museum already had on display Tytler’s medal collection, which includes his Victoria Cross. This exhibition aims to celebrate the extraordinary man and collate all we know about his life from 150 years ago whilst looking at the legacy that he leaves behind him.

Gurkha Museum website

Since the Victoria Cross was introduced, it has been awarded to Gurkhas, or British officers serving with Gurkhas, 26 times. John Tytler was the first British Officer to receive the award, during the campaigns that followed the Indian Rebellion of 1857. The first Gurkha recipient was Kulbir Thapa, who was awarded his during the First World War in 1915.

The exhibition is live on the Gurkha Museum website from Monday 21 February and runs until Monday 7 March. Viewing the exhibition and other online content on the website is free of charge, however donations to support the Gurkha Museum Trust are welcome.

Gurkha Museum, WInchester

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