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The Queen’s Gurkha Engineers, Pearl Island Cup 2022

9th May 2022

The Queen’s Gurkha Engineers, Pearl Island Cup 2022

The Pearl Island Cup is an annual badminton tournament organized by the Queen’s Gurkha Engineers (QGE) for the families and children of QGE.

Pearl Island was a married quarter area in Hong Kong which was the home of QGE for several decades. The Cup was initiated and presented by Ex Gurkha Major QGE, Major (Retd) Dhan Bahadur Chand and his wife Mrs Sunta Chand. It was first played in 2007.

This year the Pearl Island Cup was held in the Unit Gymnasium on Saturday 23rd April 2022. I had the pleasure of organising it and I am very thankful to the welfare team and Gurkha Major QGE Major Kamal Khapung Limbu MVO Saheb. This event was open to all families and children of 36 Engineer Regiment and QGE. It provided great opportunity to showcase skill, talent and build confidence. The main purpose of this event was to increase morale, team cohesion, team building and to improve mental health.

There were three different categories: Singles, Doubles, and Under 16s. Each player had to play a minimum of three games. Although the players were physically drained from their efforts, dedication and enthusiasm continued until the final match. Majority of the officers and soldiers were present to show support and cheer for their families and children.

The Queen’s Gurkha Engineers, Pearl Island Cup 2022

On completion of the event trophies were presented by Mrs Sarah Hendry (Wife of the Commandant QGE) and Mrs Paru Sonyok (Wife of the Gurkha Major QGE) to the following players:


  • Winner: Mrs Aliza Ale Limbu
  • Runner-up: Mrs Rebecca Limbu


  • Winner: Rebecca Limbu
  • Runner-up: Mrs Aruna Limbu

Under 16s

  • Winner: Mr Nirik Limbu
  • Runner-up: Ms Saraya Rai

By Sapper Rahul Darai, Welfare Assistant, Queen’s Gurkha Engineers

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