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Captain (QGO) Benuprasad Limbu

25th December 2003


551931 Captain (QGO) Benuprasad Limbu died on December 2003 at the Medway Maritime Hospital in am, England. He unexpectedly collapsed and died out on a training march of a heart related illness.

He was enlisted into the Brigade of Gurkhas on 24 February 1982 at Dharan. On completion of his recruiting he was awarded Champion Recruit and joined Queen’s Gurkha Engineers in Perowne Barracks, Hong Kong. He gained Top Student on both his Combat Engineer 3 and Class I courses and second on his 0-2 Design Draughtsman course. In 1990 he was the Bowring Trophy and in 1999 the Durand Medal Winner.

Commissioned on I July 1999 he commanded a Field and Support Troop in 69 Gurkha Fd Sqn QGE before being promoted to Captain in April 2002 and taking the post of Support Troop Commander in 70 Gurkha Fd Sp Sqn QGE.

During his career he served on operations in Bosnia, Cyprus, Kosovo, Kuwait and served in Hong Kong, Kenya, South Korea, Malaysia, Belize, Norway and the United Kingdom.

Captain (QGO) Benuprasad Limbu comes from Dharan. He was an outstanding individual who was exceptionally professional and personable. Selfless, thoughtful and generous he was respected by all.

He will be deeply missed and our sincere sympathies are with his wife Sabina, their 14 year old son Anmol and 22 months old daughter Rhicha.

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