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Corporal Jayaram Puri

9th March 2014

Corporal Jayaram Puri

On 9 March 2014, Corporal Jayaram Puri was involved in a Road Traffic Accident whilst on duty. He was taken to the Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham where, sadly, he died from his injuries.

Corporal Puri was born on 23rd April 1985 in Chabahil, Kathmandu, Nepal. After successfully graduating from Manakamana Boarding School and the National College Maharajgunj, Corporal Jayaram joined the British Army on 18th December 2003. His basic recruit training took place with the Gurkha Company, Infantry Training Centre, Catterick, where he was identified as a bright, motivated and intelligent individual and won the Unit Champion Recruit award. On completion of his basic training, Corporal Jayaram joined the Queen’s Gurkha Signals as a Communication System Engineer and was awarded the best trainee of the Queen’s Gurkha Signals in 2005. He also won the Top Student award in his a year long Class One course. Corporal Jayaram deployed to Kuwait in 2009 with 30 Signal Regiment in support the Joint Force Headquarters and to Operation HERRICK 17 in October 2012.

Lieutenant Colonel Niall Stokoe OBE, Commander Queen’s Gurkha Signals, said:

This is very sad moment for QG SIGNALS PARIWAR. We have lost a much loved Bhai. Corporal Jayaram was one of the best QG SIGNALS Non-Commissioned Officers of his generation. His selfless commitment, dedication and professionalism was second to none. He was immensely popular who had so much to offer and will be sorely missed by us all. Our thoughts go out to his family, especially his wife, Narbada, son, Joseph and parents.

Major Yambahadur Rana, Gurkha Major Queen’s Gurkha Signals, said:

The sudden death of Corporal Jayaram casts a dark cloud over the PALTAN. He was the best of his generation who led by example. His untimely demise has left a huge hole in the Regiment. I have known Jayaram since he joined the Regiment, who made profound impact from the outset. He stood out for his professionalism, commitment, loyalty and humour – all qualities that I have come to expect from the very best QG SIGNALS soldiers; a true modern Gurkha soldier with exceptional all round talent. Our deepest sympathy and thoughts go to his wife, Narbada, son, Joseph, bereaved family and friends.

Lieutenant Colonel Ian Hargreaves, Commanding Officer 2 Signal Regiment said:

The tragic death of Corporal Jayaram is a sad loss of a top-class soldier to the Queen’s Gurkha Signals and 2 Signal Regiment. Having been Champion Recruit, Best Trainee and later Top Student on the Class One Communications Engineer Course, he was destined for senior ranks. Now he cannot fulfil his potential, our thoughts and practical help will focus on supporting his family through difficult times – both today and in the future. We will remember Corporal Jayaram as a dedicated professional soldier, a friend, a husband and a father.

Major Mark Barratt, Officer Commanding 246 Gurkha Signal Squadron, said:

Corporal Jayaram was the epitome of a Queen’s Gurkha Signaller; fit, intelligent, articulate and utterly dedicated. It was impossible not to be impressed by him. Of his many strengths, he had a particular talent for instructing and this is where I first met him. Each year a new intake of recruits joins our family and Jayaram had been selected to begin their education about life and work in the Queen’s Gurkha Signals. He rose to the task with his usual good humour and professionalism and it is reassuring to know that a new generation of Gurkhas has benefited from Corporal Jayaram’s intelligence, enthusiasm and passion. The loss that the Squadron is feeling is nothing compared to that of Corporal Jayaram’s loved ones. You have the thoughts and prayers of all of us. Corporal Jayaram was a fine man and he will be greatly missed.

Captain Lok Bahadur Gurung, Second-in-Command 246 Gurkha Signal Squadron, said:

Corporal Jayaram Puri’s death has shocked and saddened all of us in 246 Gurkha Signal Squadron and Queen’s Gurkha Signals. An outstanding, intellectual Communications Systems Engineer he was a loyal, trustworthy and experienced soldier who had an irrepressible personality. I have known Corporal Jayaram for as long as he has been in the Regiment. Most recently I got to know him on Operation HERRICK 17 where he worked tirelessly as my Projects Non-Commissioned Officer. It was easy to see him as a future Foreman of Signals in the Royal Corps of Signals. All members of 246 Gurkha Signal Squadron, our families and his many friends extend our deepest sympathy to Corporal Jayaram’s wife Narbada, son Joseph, his parents, brothers and wider family. We wish them all strength during this very difficult time.

Lieutenant Mike Kearney, Officer Commanding and Staff Sergeant Lalit Bahadur Thapa, Troop Staff Kowloon Troop, said:

Corporal Jayaram Puri was an intelligent, hard working and energetic Non-Commissioned Officer. As an exceptionally talented engineer and innovative thinker, he had a very bright future ahead of him. He embodied the best of what it means to be a Gurkha in the modern era. He was a role model and mentor to his juniors and a loyal friend to his peers. Most of all, he was a true gentleman to everyone he met. Corporal Jayaram will be sadly missed by all who had the pleasure to work with him. He was a corner stone of the Troop. His enthusiasm, professionalism and positive spirit rubbed off onto those around him and will live on in all who he influenced. We are deeply sorry for your loss and our thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time.

Sergeant Suzyoki Tamang and all York based numbaris (Corporal Jayaram’s intake mates), said:

Jayaram, you were one of the best friends we ever had. You were like a brother to us; we trained and worked together for many years. Truly a selfless, kind and caring person you were always ready to help those around; you were a real hero. With hands on our heart, we honestly have hardly seen anybody as diligent, enthusiastic and devoted as you. Your great personality earned you huge respect that will always remain. We will never forget your passion for football or the way you led by example in arduous events like the Lanyard Trophy, Cambrian Patrol and Trailwalker. Your passion for writing and your ability to express your views and feelings will live on in your many published articles. We will continue to follow your example. Words fall short to express how we feel about your death but our thoughts and deepest sympathy are always with your bereaved family. May your soul rest in peace. You will be immensely missed.

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