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Lance Corporal Lilbahadur Thapa

26th July 2002

21168090 LCpl Lilbahadur Thapa 1 RGR
LCpl Lilbahadur who has passed away aged 33, was a well liked, cornerstone of C Company 1 RGR, who will be greatly missed by all who knew him. He was tragically killed on the 26th July 2002 while trying to help members of his family with a faulty well.
LCpl Lil enlisted into the British Army on the 18th November 1988 and after completing basic training joined C Company, 1/ 2 GR in Hong Kong. As a young Rifleman he had an “excellent start” to his career impressing his platoon commanders with his keen, determined attitude.
While in Hong Kong he stood out as a fine sportsman and was also selected to travel to Korea as part of an Honour Guard, the commander of which described him as “a credit to 2 RG and pleasure to work with”.
In 1994, LCpl Lil joined 1 RGR and was posted to RMAS for a year before returning to Battalion. During the next couple of years he completed a number of courses before being promoted to LCpl in 1998. Op Agricola, Kosovo, saw LCpl Lil excel as a patrol commander, “especially under pressure”, proving instrumental in the location of hidden weapons. In keeping with his busy career, LCpl Lil was posted to 1 Royal Irish in 1999, continuing to be a valuable instructor and charismatic member of the Battalion.
LCpl rejoined 8 Platoon in Brunei, in August 2000. With his wealth of experience, he quickly made his mark, becoming a key figure both within the platoon and Company. He will be most remembered for his hard working attitude and cheerful, friendly nature.
Our deepest sympathy goes to his wife, son and family.

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