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Corporal Rajbir Rai

24th Apr 2004

21169222 Corporal Rajbir Rai On 24 April 2004 Corporal Rajbir Rai was attacked at 1800 hours by a gang in the Kapen area of Kathmandu whilst on Post Operation tour leave and Nepal leave. He was admitted to Tribhuwan University Teaching Hospital but subsequently died due to a severe head injury with acute subdural haematoma. Corporal Rajbir Rai ...

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Captain (QGO) Benuprasad Limbu

25th Dec 2003

  551931 Captain (QGO) Benuprasad Limbu died on December 2003 at the Medway Maritime Hospital in am, England. He unexpectedly collapsed and died out on a training march of a heart related illness. He was enlisted into the Brigade of Gurkhas on 24 February 1982 at Dharan. On completion of his recruiting he was awarded Champion Recruit ...

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Lance Corporal Bhadrasing Limbu

25th Aug 2003

21168515 Lance Corporal Bhadrasing Limbu died on 25 August 2003 at Brecon War Memorial Hospital, Wales. He had been suffering from a very rare type of lung cancer. He was enlisted into the Brigade of Gurkhas on 22 May 1990 at Pokhara. On completion of his recruit training, he joined the Queen’s Gurkha Engineers in Hong Kong and qualified as ...

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Lance Corporal Lilbahadur Thapa

26th Jul 2002

21168090 LCpl Lilbahadur Thapa 1 RGR LCpl Lilbahadur who has passed away aged 33, was a well liked, cornerstone of C Company 1 RGR, who will be greatly missed by all who knew him. He was tragically killed on the 26th July 2002 while trying to help members of his family with a faulty well. LCpl Lil enlisted into the British Army on the 18th ...

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Signaller Dhurbakumar Gurung

13th Dec 2001

21170263 Signaller Dhurbakumar Gurung OG Signals 1981 – 2001 Signaller Dhurbakumar Gurung died tragically on 13 December  2001 in a road traffic accident when returning to 11 Signal Regiment Blandford after successfully passing his driver training  course at DST Leconfield. He was born in Luwang Ghalel, Kaski on 03 January 1981. He ...

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Rifleman Delsing Purja Pun

28th Aug 2001

21168861 Rifleman Delsing Purja Pun 1971 -2001 Rfn Delsing Purja Pun died on the night of Tuesday 28 August 2001 at RIPAS hospital in Bandar Seri Begawan. He had been sick since the first week of August 2001. He was born in Ramche, Myagdi on 09 September 1971. He enlisted in the Brigade of Gurkhas on 12 January 1992 and attended the Basic ...

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Staff Sergeant Balaram Rai

21st Jun 1999

SSgt Balaram Rai 21167255 SSgt Balaram Rai was born in Bhojpur, East Nepal on 28 Dec 63. He enlisted into the Brigade of Gurkhas in 24 Jan 1985 from Dharan, East Nepal. Having completed his Basic Infantry training at the Training Depot Brigade of Gurkhas in Hong Kong, he joined the Queen's Gurkha Engineers on 14 Dec 1985. SSgt Balaram ...

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Rifleman Kajinurbu Sherpa

22nd Jul 1998

21166611 Rfn Kajinurbu Sherpa was born on 20 February 1964 in Bhojpur East Nepal. He was enlisted into the Brigade of Gurkhas in February 1984 at British Gurkhas Dharan. Rfn Kajinurbu Sherpa was married to Mrs Phurlamu Sherpa and their first child a daughter was born on 14 July 1998. He had just completed his Resettlement course and was due to ...

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Riflemen Nepaljyoti Rai, Poshanraj Isbo, and Duryodhan Tamang

08th Nov 1997

21169572 Rfn Nepaljyoti Rai         21169584 Rfn Poshanraj Isbo         21169606 Rfn Duryodhan Tamang   On the evening of Saturday 8 November 1997, three young soldiers from (Assault Engineer) C company 2 RGR were tragically killed in a road traffic accident in ...

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Recruit Sarbadhan Rai

08th Aug 1996

Died in Service Gurkha Training Wing Recruit Sarbadhan Rai, a young and loyal Recruit of GTW passed away on 08 August 1996 in the Royal Brompton Hospital, London. Sarbadhan had contracted a severe and rare chest infection and despite the best efforts of the Military and Civilian medical services, he died on the evening of 8 Aug ...

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