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Rifleman Aman Gurung

25th July 2013

Rifleman Aman Gurung 2 RGR
21171629 Rfn Aman Gurung was born on 7 November 1987 in the village of Mauja, in the district of Kaski, West Nepal. He joined the British Army on 5 December 2005 and completed his basic recruit training in Gurkha Company, ITC Catterick from January to October 2006. Following his passing out he joined A (Amboor) Company, 2 RGR in Sir John Moore Barracks in the United Kingdom before a posting in March 2008 to Gurkha Company (Sittang) at Sandhurst. He rejoined 2 RGR in August 2009 in Brunei.
Lt Cot F J Rea RGR, (Commanding Officer 2 RGR said)
“The unexpected death of Rfn Aman Gurung came as a tragic shock to all in Brunei and his loss will be sorely felt in 2 RGR. A real character, he was respected as a hard working soldier and renowned for his sense of humour and warm, generous nature. Selfless, committed and professional, he was a typical Gurkha soldier Rfn Aman was looked up to by junior riflemen and he gave his time and advice freely. He was always on hand to mentor young riflemen and make new member of A company feel welcome. We liked, approachable and respected, he was one of the first gurujis that others would turn to for advice. A real team player, his positive attitude and enthusiasm was felt by all those around him. He will forever be rembebered and our thoughts and prayers go now to his family at this most difficult of times”
Maj Dammarbahadur Shahi (Gurkha Major 2 RGR said)
“Rfn Aman Gurung was a very well known soldier in his Company as well as in the Battalion. He was charming with an approachable character and helpful to others who needed him. Hardworking and diligent, he always worked to the best of his ability in any given tasks.A promising man, who had a family vision and a dream to go further in his life and had planned to take the responsibility of others. Although he served with us for too short a time he will, for us, always be remembered.All the members of 2 RGR including the families, especially his friends who joined with him in 2005, will miss him. On behalf of the whole Battalion we offer our condolences and support during this very difficult time and we wish his family strength. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and
friends at this hour.
Mai J C Murray RGR (Battalion Second in Command 2 RGR
“The sudden loss of Rfn Aman has shocked us all. An archetypal Gurkhahe was the life and soul of his Company and a well-known character across the Battalion and the Brigade of Gurkhas. Charming company he approached his work as Gurkha Rifleman with the passion and enthusiasm which epitomise the modem soldier in the Brigade – his warmth, compassion and ready sense of humour, masked a hard Infantryman who loved his work. It is no mean feat to leave your mark in an operationally-experienced Battalion – the fact that Rifleman Aman did so in a relatively short period with 2 RGR clearly indicat4s the type of Gurkha he was. We shall cherish his memory and honour him as we do all of our fallen Gurkhas. As a family Battalion we shall remember him and send our sincere condolences to his family members and friends across the world.”
W01 Yakchharaj Limbu (Regimental Sergeant Major 2 RGR said)
“Rfn Aman Gurung was a hard working man and a very honest person. I have known him since he enlisted in 2 RGR. He was very cheerful and always willing to lend a helping hand. He was a great fan of football. He had a very strong character and a keen intellect, always studying new things. He was a highly disciplined and professional soldier His dress and turnout was outstanding. Rfn Aman’s death has shocked and saddened all in 2 RGR. Our deepest and sincere condolences and sympathy go to his family and friends
at this difficult time. We will always remember him.”
Mai K A Page R WELCH (Officer Commanding A Company 2 RGR said)
“Rfn Aman’s death has shocked and saddened all of us in A Company. He was a loyal, trustworthy and experienced soldier who had an irrepressible personality. He was a key figure within A Company and was often the first person a junior rifleman would turn to for help or guidance. A friend to everyone, he was always first to volunteer and never said no when his friends or Company needed him. Rfn Aman was a keen traveller and loved his music, often entertaining the Company in his multimedia filled room; however, his major passion was football. He was a huge Manchester United fan and took great pleasure in organising Inter Intake Football competitions and Company parties. Rfn Aman always had a smile on his face and a joke in his pocket. He was a constant source of morale in A Company and will be sorely missed both as a soldier and as a friend. Our deepest sympathy extends to Rfn Aman’s mother and father, Ganga and Yaman, his sister Dichhya, brother Anish and his new wife Dipti who he recently married in March this year We offer our condolences, our support and wish them strength during this most difficult time.”

Capt Gajendra Angdembe (Company Second in Command A Company
“Rfn Aman Gurung was an irreplaceable character within A (Amboor) Company 2nd Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles. Always providing morale to his juniors, he would volunteer for any given task without any hesitation. One of the greatest strengths of his friendly and trusting nature, brought out by his fellow soldiers, was the way he would welcome the newest members of the company into the platoon and single living accommodation. Often he was the first member new soldiers would meet when arriving in the
Battalion and he delighted in showing them around and helping them feel at home. To many soldiers arriving in a new and confusing environment for the first time, his bright smile and understated good humour was one of their first impressions of the Company. Kind-hearted, gentle and with a habit of volunteering for the toughest tasks he was an integral member of A Company.Rfn Aman’s loss will be keenly felt by the Company and in particular by those who were privileged to have been his friends. He will be sadly
21171652 Rfn Ashim Gurung (A Company, said)
“Rfn Aman Gurung’s death has saddened everyone in the Company. Always someone to rely on, you could count on his help with a smile when needed. One of his greatest qualities was loyalty, which he gave to his friends and his comrades unconditionally. He always knew how to make you smile, an excellent soldier and an even better friend.It was a privilege to work with him in the same Company as a numberi and even more to know him as a good friend. His loss has been felt by all of us especially intake 2006. He will be sorely missed and our thoughts are with his family. ”

21171766 LCpl Rabinkumar Yolmu (A Company said)
“Rfn Aman Gurung was the kind of guy you wanted next to you, regardless of the situation. He was a cool head and a source of endless banter He had one of those infectious smiles, always able to talk himself out of a situation. He was a loyal colleague, close friend, training buddy and comedy inspiration. He will be sadly missed but not forgotten. As we soldier on and remember him in our own way, our thoughts of course, are with his family at this tragic time. ”

30085012 Rfn Amritbahadur Uchai Thakuri (A Company said)
“I have known Rfn Aman Gurung for more than a year as a senior guruji and as a friend. His personality was very impressive as a funny Smiley and humorous character, one which we can never forget. He was a well known person in the Company because of his funny, friendly and helpful behaviour He was a keen player of every sport especially at football, basketball and video games. He was always cheerful, charming and appropriate to all of us. We’re very saddened because of his untimely and unexpected death. We still feel him alive in our hearts, although he is not here with us. We will miss him very much as an honest and disciplined soldier and as a best comrade. He was an excellent friend and a brother to all of us either to his seniors, or to his juniors. At this very difficult moment our deepest and sincerest condolences and sympathies goes to his wife, family, friends and relatives.”
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