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Top Navigator in training

1st July 2020

Top Navigator in training

It is very important to be able to read a map and navigate. As a part of our training on 15th June 2020, A Wing, Gurkha Company organised a navigation competition to include night time navigation.

In this competition there were six routes. Every route was similar to each other with the same distance to cover, about 10km. We had to reach every checkpoint within 1 hour and 20 minutes. The faster you complete the routes the more points you got, the more time you used the more points would be deducted.

All I had on my mind was what our Guruji’s and Saheb had taught us. To win this competition, I followed just one simple instruction which was “use short, tough path rather than long and comfortable route. I ran through the forest, jumped over the streams and passed through the bushes to make sure the medal was mine. At the end of the day, I was able to complete the competition within 48 minutes by collecting all the checkpoints which made my struggle fruitful. I was declared the winner of A Wing in this competition. I was very happy by the result but more than that, I was glad that I made my guruji’s and Saheb proud.

From this navigation competition what I have learnt is to be robust in every situation and to tackle the challenges. I took the opportunity and felt honoured to be the top navigator of 2020 A wing competition. I was able to secure first position, it was aproud moment to receive my medal and certificate from our A Wing Commander.

By Trainee Rifleman Rupesh Sherpunja, Gurkha Company

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