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3rd September 2013

By Capt Kamal Khapunglimbu QGE, Platoon Commander, 5 Pl.

Four members (Capt Kamal, Cpl Prakash (team captain), Cpl Prasant and Cpl Jayendra) from Gurkha Company, 2 ITB ITC Catterick were among 5000 competitors who were given the opportunity to compete in Tough Guy 2013 and go through a range of daunting challenges as they tested their endurance skills to the maximum. Tough Guy is billed as the toughest race in the world and it’s not hard to see why when competitors faced being burnt, scratched, bruised, even electrocuted and in addition had to sign a death warrant prior to the race. The course comprised of an eight miles assault course, through water obstacles and thick mud, under yards of barbed wire, over huge wooden barricades, through walls of fire and into freezing water lakes. Despite the danger of us facing mud, broken glass, a torture chamber and electrocution the entire course was thoroughly exciting and extremely interesting. Cpl Jayendra won the 8km event, Cpl Prasanta and Capt Kamal finished third and fourth respectively and Cpl Prakash completed in a good time. All Cpls said “We were unaware of the existence of Tough Guy but we enjoyed every minute of it, it’s a must for everyone; we weren’t aware that you could be tired and still manage to enjoy it”.

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