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Trailwalker 2021 – Queen’s Gurkha Signals Team Retains the Trophy

25th September 2021

Queen's Gurkha Signals team retains the Trailwalker 2021 trophy. Queen's Gurkha Signals team makes history by retaining the Trailwalker Trophy. 2 teams only 8 minutes apart after 100km. QG SIGNALS RED TEAM 10hrs 19mins QG SIGNALS BLUE TEAM 10hrs 27mins QG SIGNALS BUDO BAGH 11hrs 37mins

Trailwalker is a trek over 100km across the South Downs and has to be completed in under 30 hours.

Teams take part to raise money for OXFAM and the Gurkha Welfare Trust, and help end poverty with every step. Trailwalker is a unique opportunity to put your mind and body to the test.

Teams from the Brigade of Gurkhas are always keen to take part and often produce the winning team!

Trailwalker 2021
Trailwalker 2021

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