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Trainee Gurkhas expand their Martial Arts

24th June 2016

Martial Arts 12

During their 9-months training at Gurkha Company Catterick, all trainee Gurkhas uniquely receive training in Taekwondo and Khukuri Fighting.

Earlier this month, the recruits at Gurkha Company Catterick also received Jujutsu training to add yet another skill to their Martial Art capabilities. They were taught Jujutsu by an experienced Martial Arts expert, Padre Withers of 2nd Infantry Training Battalion.

2ITB Padre, instructing Jujutsu

Padre Withers instructing Jujutsu

Officer Commanding Gurkha Company Catterick, Major Ed Withey RGR, described the training they receive:

“Gurkha Company trainees learn Close Quarter Combat (CQC) skills through a combination of Taekwondo and Kukri knife patterns. This training is delivered by qualified instructors inside the Company, before a final grading is conducted by an internationally renowned 8th Dan Taekwondo Master. After a comprehensive package of 10 sessions, trainees achieve their yellow belt in Taekwondo. However many surpass this by achieving green, red and black belt tabs.”

Martial Arts 11

“CQC is a critical part of the Gurkha Infantryman’s Course. It develops the Rifleman’s confidence at fighting in very close quarters with an adversary; a critical part of operating in a jungle environment, which many of the trainees will be deployed to on completion of their training.”

Martial Arts 9

During the 9 months, all trainee Gurkhas undergo a 39-week course consisting of:

  • Infantry Phase 1 and 2 Training
  • An English language package
  • Cultural orientation activities (including visits to key historical and institutional UK sites such as the Houses of Parliament)

As he passes out of recruit training, the now trained Gurkha can be justifiably proud of what he has achieved, but every new soldier joins his unit knowing just how hard he will have to work to live up to the outstanding reputation his forefathers have built.

Martial Arts 6

JAI Gurkha Company Catterick.

Martial Arts 15


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