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Training in the Jungle for future Gurkha Leaders

7th February 2020

In the Jungles of Brunei

The Second Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles, based in Brunei, are known to be the specialist Battalion of the British Army in Jungle Warfare skills.

Currently they are running their Junior Leadership Cadre and are in the Jungle phase. Operating in these conditions is hard work, and leading other, making decisions and giving orders can suddenly become much more difficult.

This is a tough course in a equally tough environment, learning to command a section while being able to operate in the challenging Close Country Tropical Environment effectively.

The Junior Non-Commissioned Officers’ Course is the step to promotion. If successful on the course the individuals are eligible for promotion to the rank of Lance Corporal. Competition is tough to reach the first milestone as you move through the ranks in your Army career.

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