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UK Armed Forces Martial Arts Championships 2019

17th October 2019

Gurkhas success at the UK Armed Forces Martial Arts Championships

On 10th July 2019 all the selected Army TKD team personnel assembled in Aldershot for pre-training with the aim of winning the UK Armed Forces (UKAF) TKD Championship.  We undertook rigorous training sessions led by our coach Staff Sergeant Dinesh Gurung, 39 Engineer Regiment.  On the 14th July 2019 the competitors from across the services gathered to commence battle.

This was my first-time representing the Army Taekwondo team at the UKAF competition and I was proud and thrilled to be part of it. There were several events comprising of weapons, sparring and poomsae. I took part in all those events which was a great experience for me.

Having practiced TKD in Nepal from an early age I was confident with the understanding and teachings of TKD itself. During our basic Gurkha Combat Infantry Course Training we are taught how to wield our Khukuris, incorporating TKD patterns and skills which has helped me. I have met very skilful and expert TKD practitioners who have guided me well with clear direction that pushed me to achieve more. By using all those wisdoms and skills I went on to win a Gold and Silver medal in Poomsae and Sparring adding to the total Army TKD team medals tally.

Our Royal Navy and Royal Air Force rivals were very strong; however, the Army TKD team won the overall UKAF TKD Championship which was a proud moment for all of us. It was a thrilling and amazing experience and I am looking forward for future events.

This has been a great opportunity for me to take a short break away from the normal work routine and to grasp the opportunity to take part in something different within the Army. The experience also gave me exposure to meet new friends and to share knowledge with each other.

Notable Gurkha Results as follows:

  • Gold in Poomsae – Sigaller Ashish Ghale (Queen’s Gurkha Signals)
  • Silver in Poomsae – Staff Sergeant Dinesh Gurung (39 Engineer Regiment – Ex Queen’s Gurkha Engineers)
  • Gold in Sparring – Private Dipesh Sintan (Gurkha Staff and Personnel Support)

Anyone interested in taking part in TKD or any other recognised Martial Art (TKW, Karate, Kendo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Weapons) should contact Staff Sergeant Dinesh Gurung:

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