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Update from our trainees at Gurkha Company Catterick

5th August 2021

Update from our trainees at Gurkha Company Catterick

Gurkha Trainee Riflemen talk to us about the Attack Exercise

Trainee Rifleman Sagar Gurung

After the completion of Basic Training the Trainee Riflemen were now ready for the Advanced Training. The start of our advanced training was the attack exercise. The purpose of this attack exercise is to train us how to attack, assault, supress and support on contact with the enemy.  On our first two days of the exercise, we learned to attack as a Section. Assault and supress were the two main parts of the attack. We also took our Section attack summative test which we passed easily due to the proper guidance from our Section Commander.

After our Section attack test, we then learned to attack on a larger scale using the Platoon Advanced to Contact and the Deliberate Attack approaches. This time our Platoon Commander took control of the Platoon Sergeant and Section Commanders under his command. We managed to complete the attack in high colours with everybody working together as a Section as well as in a Platoon.

During this training we experienced were models, orders, casualty evacuation, night attack skills and much more. Taking Orders before the attack and building general and detailed models was all interesting. The casualty evacuation was tough because we had to treat them quickly by taking them to cover followed by the casualty drag.

Update from our trainees at Gurkha Company Catterick
Update from our trainees at Gurkha Company Catterick

Trainee Rifleman Aanjal Gurung

On the first day, we practised Section Attacks and completed the formative and summative assessments for the Section Attack with our full energy and aggression. On the second day we undertook a night attack. Moving onto the third day, we had a rehearsal for the Platoon Advanced to Contact, casualty evacuation and captured persons’ drill. Our Gurujis taught us to make models of the ground to make the attack more effective and our Platoon Commander gave us orders for the Platoon Attack ready for the following day.

The fourth day came, and we delivered the Platoon Advanced to Contact then came back to our harbour and prepared models for the Deliberate Attack. We had to attack our enemy early in the morning on the final day, so we got Orders from our Platoon Commanders, sorted out all our admin and went to sleep. We woke up at 0115hrs the next day, packed our bergens and moved for our attack at 0215hrs. We patrolled for a few kilometres and reached the forming up point at 0400hrs. On H-Hour, 0415hrs, we attacked the enemy and cleared all the enemy position with ease then evacuated back to our harbour.

Update from our trainees at Gurkha Company Catterick
Update from our trainees at Gurkha Company Catterick

By Trainee Rifleman Nishan Gurung

With our kit and camo cream on our face, we were like warriors ready for battle. After reaching the training area we were ready for the Section Attack practice. Although we had our theory lessons numerous times, to do it in field considering the real scenario was a different experience.

Our second day started with a Section Attack formative assessment followed by the summative assessment. The route was difficult with streams to cross and steep terrain, however, it is considered as the best route because the enemy couldn’t see us. After the completion of the assessment, we practised a casualty evacuation. We were exhausted as we gave 110% effort. After cleaning our weapons, we started preparing our models. It was interesting to know about how ground model works. After that we experienced how a Platoon Attack works. This was followed by a Platoon night attack. We were all grouped up with our night vision sights. Due to the darkness and to avoid getting lost in the night we stayed close to each other. Our Section Commander guided us very well and was with us all the time.

Our third day was our Platoon Attack summative assessment. On the last night we were given all the orders through the model, and we exactly knew what to do and where to go. On the day we went through our plan. There were multiple enemy positions which our four Sections had to clear. Our Platoon Attack ended and was followed by a casualty evacuation drill. We then returned to the harbour and started preparing for the final attack which was a Deliberate Attack which was going to take place early in the morning. I was in the fire support group, so we supressed the enemy using General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) fire. It was a wonderful experience to see the operation and use of the GPMG.

Update from our trainees at Gurkha Company Catterick
Update from our trainees at Gurkha Company Catterick

Trainee Rifleman Buddhi Thapa

In week 14 of our training, we undertook the attack exercise over a five-day period. On Monday 14th June 2021, we left our barracks and headed towards the exercise area. Before the exercise, we were issued with night vision, laser light modules, binoculars, and common weapon sights. We loaded our bergens on to the truck and we were supposed to travel the distance of 6km on foot carrying our weapons and day sacks. Upon reaching this location a series of rehearsals on Section attacks was carried out.

We improved our fire and manoeuvre drills and tried to work more as team. We also learnt about know and learn about throwing grenades. Day one went in a blink of an eye. Day two and day three focused on Platoon attacks. On day two, we conducted a night Section attack. It was difficult with night vision equipment on our helmets and poor visibility.

The advance to contact drill was successful and we managed to destroy the Section level enemy. Our Platoon Commander planned the deliberate attack, and we were briefed using the help of a model of the ground. The attack exercise has ended but ‘Contact Front,’ ‘Position Clear’, ‘Grenade’ are still bursting in my ears and I am looking forward for the challenges that are yet to come. We have learned many new things and experienced the life of an infantry soldier from the exercise.

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