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Young Officers complete the Doko race

25th October 2019

Doko Race for British Army Officers

The Young Officers currently on the Survival Nepali Language Course in British Gurkhas Pokhara recently completed the Doko Run, which is used on the Gurkha Selection.

Lieutenant Miles Hynd Queen’s Gurkha Signals came first out of 14 runners in a remarkable time of 40 minutes.

A ten-week long residential course delivered in British Gurkhas (BG) Pokhara, Nepal. Basic Nepali Culture and Language Course. A three-week long course delivered in HQBG. It is tailored for personnel attached to BG units to provide a basic understanding of Nepali language, culture, and tradition. Introductory Nepali Culture and Language Course. A short course delivered to British staff and dependents serving in BG units. Bespoke Courses and Outreach Programmes. Outside delivery of main courses, the BCLT has the capacity to deliver specific and tailored distributed outreach programmes to educate British personnel within or outside the Gurkha footprint in the fundamentals of Nepali language and culture.

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