Becoming a Gurkha

The British Army recruits approximately 300 individuals every year.

In order to apply you must be Nepalese (Nepalese birth certificate) and live in Nepal. 

Registration is your opportunity to register your intent to attempt selection for

British Army 

Gurkha Contingent of the Singapore Police


Applicants will be called forward by District and Nagar/Gawn Palika (according to your NPP). The dates for your district will be published on the British Army website.


On arrival your documents will be checked (see documents section). If your documents meet the requirement, you must state whether you wish to join the BA or GCSPF. You will be issued with either a pink registration form (GCSPF) or a white registration form (British Army). You can see an example of these on the right hand side of this page. Our Recruiting Staff will assist you in filling out this form.

  • You must be able to complete 8 underarm heaves
  • Your height will be checked and must be a minimum of 158cm
  • Your weight will be checked and must be 50kgs or more

An Area Recruiting Officer (ARO) will then brief you on the follow on process for Regional Selection. You will be required to fill out a criminal convictions declaration stating any criminal convictions you may have or declaring that you do not have any criminal convictions. Again, you will be assisted in filling out this form.

Here is a video demonstrating the new physical tests for Recruit Intake 20.

You can see a training programme on this document.  Physical Training programme for Intake 20

To find out more about joining the Brigade of Gurkhas please visit the British Army website.