Gurkha Kukuri

Most men and boys in the hills of Nepal possess a kukri and in the Service, every Gurkha soldier is provided with one from which he is never separated. The wrist action with which the kukri is wielded makes it extremely effective in the hands of one accustomed to using it.

For ceremonial and presentation purposes, kukris with scabbards ornamented in gold and silver and handles of ivory are often seen, and there is also a form of sacrificial kukri with a

longer blade and handle suitable for gripping with two hands. The latter is little used except for sacrificing animals at festival time.

The popular myth that blood must be shed every time a kukri is drawn from its scabbard is untrue and probably stems from the fact that if drawn in anger, then it is unlikely to be replaced without being used! Similarly, stories of the kukri being used as a throwing knife can be disbelieved.

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