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It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our Gurkha Brigade Association website.

The Gurkha Brigade Association represents all the Regimental Associations of Britain’s Brigade of Gurkhas, both past and present, and all ranks, both serving and retired: anyone who has served with the Brigade of Gurkhas is a member.

Our role is to foster comradeship and welfare, to preserve the heritage and history of the Brigade of Gurkhas, and to sponsor and support Association or Brigade events. We work very closely with Headquarters The Brigade of Gurkhas, the Gurkha Welfare Trust and the Gurkha Museum, for the benefit of our soldiers and ex-servicemen.

The aim of this website is to keep past and present members of our Brigade, as well as our friends and supporters, aware of what the serving Brigade and our retired members are up to. We provide information on relevant news and events, in UK and abroad, as well as help and advice for those starting a second career outside the Brigade. We have a vibrant social media community on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and we provide easy online access to the Brigade’s two publications – the monthly “Parbate” and the annual “Kukri” journal.

We are here for you.

Col David G. Hayes CBE


Gurkha Brigade Association

You can find out more about the Gurkhas and see some of the things they do on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Just click on the logo below to visit the page.

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