British Army Training Unit Kenya - Nepalese Community Celebrates Tihar in Kenya

Despite being from different backgrounds and cap badges, the BATUK Nepalese families came together to celebrate Tihar on the 18th of November 2023. The event was planned and delivered by the families of permanent staff. The invitation to attend the function was extended to all temporary duty staff and Battle Group support personnel from the 1st Battalion, the Grenadier Guards.

The celebration began with a welcome brief, followed by a lively Deusi Bhailo performance by the wives and other family members. Personnel joined in, creating a festive atmosphere with dancing, and singing, reflecting the love for the festival wherever they are in the world. People were generous, offering Laxmi (money) as a gesture of respect and appreciation. The joy and entertainment provided seemed to leave everyone very happy.

Following the performances, traditional games such as Jhandi-burja, and bingo were played. Home-cooked delicacies were prepared and enjoyed by all, giving those present a taste of home during their deployment. The event reached its pinnacle with the Khusi ko Dance, where everyone laughed and danced together, creating a memorable night filled with unity and joy.

Gratitude was expressed by the senior Gurkha, Major Vijay Limbu, to the BATUK Nepalese community for their love, compassion, and the shared joy of life. The celebration showcased the spirit of togetherness, making it a night to remember for all involved.

By Lance Corporal Pragyan Limbu, Defence Infrastructure Organisation, BATUK.