Gurkhas are an integral part of the British Army and remain Nepalese citizens throughout their Service in the Brigade. Since the closure of Hong Kong in 1997, the Gurkhas are now permanently based in the UK.

In September 2004, the Government announced that Gurkhas are eligible to apply for settlement in the UK if they have served a minimum of 4 years.

This caused significant changes to the life of our Service Personnel (SP) and now the majority choose to settle in the UK. To assist with this the British Army offers Life Skills, a set of skills that lead to positive behaviours which underpin successful personal, social, work, and civic outcomes.

The document on the link below (PDF) covers:

  • Introduction
  • Purpose
  • Gurkha employment principles
  • Expectation management of families
  • Law of Nepal
  • Gurkha Married Accompanied Service (GMAS)
    • United Kingdom
    • Action on arrival in the UK
    • Brunei
  • Family planning and children’s education
  • Career Management
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Transfer
  • Welfare provision in the Army
  • Welfare during service
  • Life Skills
  • Personal finance
  • Personal finance management top tips
    • Links for free financial advice
  • Housing
  • Health
  • Army Transition process
  • Defence Transition Service (DTS)
  • Resettlement
  • Immigration
  • Re-employment
  • Useful Links from RC Life Skills Site

The aim of this booklet is to:

  1. Inform potential recruits (PR) joining the Brigade of Gurkhas.
  2. Guide to officers in the Brigade to support their leadership, command, and management.
  3. Provide awareness for personnel involved in supporting roles, welfare, management of facilities and on temporary attachment.
  4. Provide awareness for Regional Point of Command (RPoC) and Formation HQs with Gurkhas under command.
  5. Provide awareness for local authorities, external supporting agencies, schools, and local councils.
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The document was generated by Headquarters Brigade of Gurkhas