Discover Troopr: Your Essential Place for the Armed Forces Community.

Whether you’re serving, have once served, or part of the important ecosystem that surrounds these people, you may have been challenged in finding opportunities which are receptive to a background like yours?

Hours and hours of research proved to us that these opportunities do indeed exist, in their thousands, actually. But what arguably didn’t exist was visibility of said opportunities, which is why we created Troopr!

We understand the unique challenges faced by the Armed Forces community and Troopr is here to provide you with access to essential support and opportunities all in one place.

What is Troopr?

Troopr is a digital marketplace designed exclusively for the Armed Forces community in the UK. Our mission is to centralise and streamline access to vital opportunities and services, making life easier for you and your family. We offer a wide range of resources across five key categories:

  1. Work: Secure Your Future

Transitioning to civilian life can be daunting, but Troopr is here to ease that journey. We connect you with forces-friendly employers who value the discipline, leadership, and skills that come with military experience. Whether you’re looking for a new career or part-time work, Troopr has a wealth of job listings to help you find the perfect fit.

  1. Housing: Find Your Next Home

Finding suitable housing is often a significant concern for military families. Troopr simplifies this process by providing access to rental properties, housing schemes, and relocation services tailored to your specific needs. We ensure that you have a stable and comfortable place to call home.

  1. Health and Wellbeing: Prioritise Your Wellbeing

Your health and wellbeing are paramount. Troopr offers a variety of health services, mental health support, fitness programs, and wellbeing resources. We’re committed to helping you maintain both physical and mental health, ensuring you can lead a balanced and fulfilling life.

  1. Money: Financial Stability for Peace of Mind

Financial management can be complex, but Troopr is here to help. We provide access to advice on managing your finances, access to exclusive discounts, and information on grants and financial aid. Our goal is to ensure you and your family enjoy financial stability and peace of mind.

  1. Community: Connect and Thrive

Being part of the Armed Forces community means being part of a larger family. Troopr fosters this sense of community by providing information on events, support groups, and forums where you can connect with others who share similar experiences. Build relationships, share your stories, and find support from those who understand your journey.

Discover Troopr: Your Essential Place for the Armed Forces Community.
Discover Troopr: Your Essential Place for the Armed Forces Community.
Discover Troopr: Your Essential Place for the Armed Forces Community.

Troopr is more than just a platform — it’s your trusted ally, committed to empowering and supporting the Armed Forces community every step of the way. Join us today and discover how Troopr can make a difference in your life.