Exercise Attack in Catterick for Gurkha Intake 23

By Trainee Rifleman Binod Tamang, 2 (Kandahar) Platoon

Exercise ATTACK is the first exercise of the Initial Trade Training (ITT) phase of the Combat Infantry Course (CIC). This exercise is primarily about offensive action and beginning to operate at platoon-level. We operated tactically on the principle “see without being seen, kill without being killed”. As this was our first fully tactical exercise, we were highly motivated and excited to learn new tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) from our platoon training team.

We were issued Tactical Engagement Simulation (TES) systems. No 1 Half Company deployed to the Catterick training area and underwent a test of our TES kit with the Saab support team. They checked the GPS, sensors for rounds fired and trackers for our movements, and we were amazed to be able to use such advanced technology in our exercise.

This exercise was very important to us because it replicated the kind of operations and circumstances we might encounter in the future. We accomplished many section attacks and platoon attacks, across different terrain, by day and night. We were very happy to learn about fighting in woods and forest. It was an exciting learning phase for us as we had never experienced it before.

We learned about the principles of battle preparation, and we managed to apply that on the ground before any kind of offensive action. We built a 3D model of our maps so that we could visualise the operation ahead. It was fascinating and we found some outstanding creativity amongst our team during the model building. We received our first full set of deliberate attack orders around our model from our platoon commander.

The last day was exciting because we had to conduct night movements for the final Platoon deliberate attack. This was a dawn attack and the scenario built up in such a way that we conducted a casualty evacuation before going individually down the bayonet fighting lane. This was the most incredible part of this exercise, and we practiced killing enemies using bayonets and khukuris. Despite the inclement weather, restless nights, and long days, we enjoyed the exercise and were proud of learning so many skills which will help us in our careers.

Gurkha Recruit Intake 23
Gurkha Recruit Intake 23
Gurkha Recruit Intake 23