Private Suraj Sinthan from The Second Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles Regimental Administrative Office Detachment, represented Team Army in Taekwondo and secured three gold medals and one silver medal in the following categories.

International Taekwondo Federation (ITF)

  • Individual Sparring Dan Grade – Gold
  • Team Sparring Dan Grade – Gold

World Taekwondo (WT)

  • Poomsae (patterns) Dan Grade – Gold
  • Individual Sparring Dan Grade – Silver
Inter-Service Martial Arts Championship 2023
Inter-Service Martial Arts Championship 2023

Private Suraj showed an indomitable spirit to participate in both Taekwondo styles, and his efforts helped the Army ITF and WT teams win the Inters. His exceptional performance has earned him a well-deserved place on the UK Armed Forces (UKAF) Taekwondo Team, allowing him to compete internationally in future tournaments. His success exemplifies his dedication and hard work and highlights the incredible talent within the armed forces. His impact on the international martial arts community will serve as an inspiration, demonstrating the skill, determination, and unity that define the UK Armed Forces.