By Trainee Gurkhas from 3 (Tobruk) Platoon, Recruit Intake 23

Our Adventurous Training was scheduled for a week, and we were very excited for it to begin. He headed to Halton in Lancaster and when we reached Halton camp, we saw people going down the river for a kayaking lesson and we were even more excited. We were divided into many groups and separated from each other, which was quite a sad moment, because we had planned to do the training together. When we were divided, we collected our equipment as well as bed sheets and pillows before going straight to our rooms. After reaching the rooms we made our beds and took some rest. After dinner, we all gathered in the open ground and started singing songs.

The second day was an early start and, in our section, we were divided into two groups one group went rock climbing and the onther group went caving. When we first entered a cave, we had a lot of space to move but slowly it got harder and harder to move inside. We enjoyed it a lot and we learned about teamwork, by helping each other to cross the difficult paths and obstacles.

On the third day it was our turn for the rock-climbing activity with our destination 40 minutes away from the camp. At first glance, the cliff face looked easy but the closer we got the more it became apparent that it would be a challenge. We learned many things and the activity helped to build our confidence and courage.

On the fourth day we took to the river for kayaking. Kayaking is a low-impact activity that can improve your aerobic fitness, strength, and flexibility. Specific health benefits include improved cardiovascular fitness, and increased muscle strength: particularly in the back, arms, shoulders and chest, from moving the paddle. We had lots of fun with our friends and learned kayaking which was a really new experience for us.

On the fifth day, we went Hill walking. We learned about navigation, using maps that were different from the ones we were used to. There was a lot of information on the map, so it was easy to read. When we reached the top of the hill, we could appreciate the beautiful nature. We enjoyed this and forgot our tiredness.

Our Adventurous Training ended with new experiences and lots of joy with friends. We returned to Halton Camp and returned our issued kit. Finally, we got briefed by our Platoon Sergeant and returned back to the Catterick Garrison safe and sound.

Gurkha Recruit Intake 23
Gurkha Recruit Intake 23
Gurkha Recruit Intake 23