My First Days In Camp

By Trainee Rifleman Mandip Rai – 1 (Tigris) Platoon

The Gurkhas, renowned for their bravery and loyalty, have served in the British Army for over 200 years. For myself, becoming a Gurkha soldier is a dream come true, a chance to serve King Charles III and earn a good living. In the past, I had seen a few videos and pictures on social media about other Recruits being welcomed and beginning their training in the UK and now it was my turn to start my new life and a military career

On the 13th of February 2023, we finally arrived at Manchester airport after a long flight. We were briefed about the process and escorted by the police and Second in Command of Gurkha Company Catterick towards immigration. I felt special and a bit emotional. Once we were through the immigration point and got out of the terminal building, I started to feel the UK’s weather, it was very cold, and I felt like my hands were going to freeze! We got on the coach and were driven to the Infantry Training Centre Catterick, where we were going to spend the next nine months being trained to become soldiers.