I am Rifleman Subash Gurung currently serving in Gurkha Wing Mandalay, Brecon. It was an incredible moment for me when I was presented with the prestigious “Best Rifleman of the Year” award during our annual Mandalay Day Ceremony in March 2024.

This recognition was a result of my unwavering dedication, strong leadership abilities, and continuous commitment towards the organization. I meticulously planned and successfully achieved various objectives throughout 2023. These included participating in challenging activities such as the Brecon to Cardiff 70Km Ultra Marathon, completing a physical training instructor course, actively engaging in community events, organizing a charity event called “400 miles in 4 months” to raise funds for the Gurkha Museum, and most importantly, supporting my commanders in accomplishing their objectives.

Furthermore, I willingly took charge of the Rifleman renovation project, aiming to enhance the facilities for all the Riflemen in Gurkha Wing Mandalay. Additionally, I had the privilege of delivering a presentation on the historic Battle in Mandalay during our commemoration event. This opportunity not only deepened my understanding of our battle honour but also allowed me to share the inspiring acts of service rendered by our predecessors to the organization.

Receiving this award fills me with a great sense of honour and pride. I am determined to continue making positive contributions to the organization, both personally and professionally.