By 3 (Tobruk) Platoon Trainees

102 Gurkha trainees from No.1 Half Company along with Permanent Staff and our English teachers embarked on a memorable day out to Whitby. Whitby is a picturesque coastal town nestled in North Yorkshire, England. It offers a delightful escape for travellers seeking a blend of natural beauty, historical sites and a charming atmosphere.

We began our journey at 0800hrs and left from Helles barracks via coach. We slept for most of the journey but woke up when we got close to the town. We could see the sun casting, its golden rays upon Whitby and the sea. We began our exploration by visiting the iconic Whitby Abbey. Perched at the top of East Cliff, the majestic ruin offered a captivating glimpse into the towns past. Walking through its ancient arches and crumbling walls, we marvelled at the breath-taking views of the town and coastline that unfolded before us.

In the afternoon, with growling stomachs, we made our way to a local restaurant to savour some local delights. The restaurant was located just at the edge of the town with a spectacular view of the sea and we were able to indulge in mouth-watering fish and chips.  Whitby is renowned for succulent fish with crispy batter and perfectly cooked chips. No trip to Whitby would be complete without a leisurely stroll along its sandy beach. This allowed us to take in the expansive shoreline with its colourful beach huts and see people enjoying the sun. This was a serene escape from the bustling town centre, and we took off our shoes and let the cool waves wash over our feet, relishing the tranquillity of the moment. The urge to swim in the sea was growing, however we had other scheduled activities and time was against us.

Our trip to Whitby was an enchanting experience that left us with lasting memories. From exploring the historic streets and the majestic Whitby Abbey to indulging in delicious food, every moment was filled with wonder and discovery. Whitby’s charm and beauty truly makes it’s a must visit destination for anyone seeking a delightful coastal getaway.