Recruit Intake 23 visits major cities around the UK on Exercise DOSRO KADAM

By Trainee Rifleman Dipin Rai, 6 (Assaye) Platoon

On the 14th of May 2023, we stepped off from our accommodation for our highly anticipated visit to London! This was the first time we would venture outside of Catterick or Darlington since we arrived from Nepal. The first step was all about learning how to use the transportation system in London. We came to know about the trains and underground after buying tickets and travelling from one tube to another, allowing us to become more familiar with route maps and timings.

On the first day, we were guided to use the trains and maps by our training staff, but on the second day it was a little more challenging as they sent us the locations electronically and we had to navigate together as a section towards our destinations. This was helpful, as we got to know more about travelling independently. We went to China Town and enjoyed a Chinese buffet, which was a completely new taste for us and we got to experience more about the varied lifestyles of the people in London. We also visited historical landmarks including Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Mithraeum Temple, and the Royal Hospital Chelsea. At Tower Bridge we ate our very first Dominos Pizza and Starbucks coffees.

We were all very privileged to be hosted in Parliament by the Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle, speaker of the House of Commons. He spoke about how Gurkhas have contributed to the Army throughout our history of 206 years and reminded us about our further responsibilities.

On the fourth day, we travelled to the city of York, which is famous for Roman history and Primitive art. We firstly saw the amazing view of the city from the outskirts and headed to the city walls. The city wall provided protection to York in the ancient period and the main motive to build the wall was to protect York from foreign attack and to place sentries all around the city to avoid invasion. We then went to the National Railway Museum where we viewed the development of trains throughout time. After that we headed to York Minister, which depicts and symbolises Roman History and Christianity. We visited the Shambles, The Guy Fawkes Inn and Jorvik Viking Centre, which were amazing places to visit. York city is a place full of cultural richness, especially regarding Roman and early British history.

On the fifth day, we went to Newcastle which is the regional capital of the Northeast of England. Firstly, we went to Quayside where we could see the River Tyne and unique bridges running over it. Then, we went to the Laing Art Gallery, which is designed in the Baroque Style and contained paintings and decorative historical objects. Afterwards, we went to China town, where the Lunar New Year is celebrated, and to St. James Park which is the home of Newcastle United Football Club. Following this, we went to Grey’s Monument, built in 1838. We could see a wonderful view from the top. Then we went to Grainger Market where different types of shops were located. After visiting those shops, we learnt how British people established different shops in one building to create the vast shopping centres. Roaming around Newcastle, we made our way to the Hindu Temple and then back to Catterick Garrison.

Gurkha Recruit Intake 23
Gurkha Recruit Intake 23
Gurkha Recruit Intake 23