Major Ganesh Kumar Rai was an ex-Member of The Second Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles (2 RGR). He was on a Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS) contract as a Staff Officer Grade Three Reserves working with Headquarters Army Medical Service in Camberley. He joined the Brigade of Gurkhas on the 12th of January 1992. After completing his basic training in Hong Kong joined the 7th Dukes of Edinburgh Own’s Gurkha Rifles. Following Options for Change in 1994, his Battalion become The Second Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles.

Within five years of service, he was promoted to Lance Corporal. After various career courses, he was quickly promoted to Sergeant in 2001 and achieved Warrant Officer Class Two by 30th June 2009. During his service, he deployed on various operations from Serra Leone to Bosnia and a few tours in Afghanistan. His final operational tour was Operation Herrick 14 as a Company Sergeant Major, where he mentored the Afghan National Police.

After returning from Afghanistan in 2012, he took over the role of Operations Warrant Officer within regiment. While in this this role he was selected for Late Entry commission, subsequently promoted to Captain on the 2nd of April 2013. After a year of Platoon Command in 2 RGR, he was posted to Gurkha Company Catterick in 2014 for a second tour as a Platoon Commander. When the recruit intake was raised from 126 in 2014 to 230 in 2015, Ganesh took the responsibility of Training Officer who had the responsibility to plan training requirements in liaison Headquarters Infantry Training Centre, G3/7.

Funeral Service - Major Ganesh Kumar Rai - The Royal Gurkha Rifles
Funeral Service - Major Ganesh Kumar Rai - The Royal Gurkha Rifles
Funeral Service - Major Ganesh Kumar Rai - The Royal Gurkha Rifles

At the end of 2015, Ganesh was assigned back to the Regiment in Brunei as a Company Second in Command. When The Third Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles beginning to form in 2020, he was selected as Regimental Career Manning Officer Planning and worked in Headquarters Brigade of Gurkhas (HQBG). He supported two of the Gurkha companies formed but later they turned in to Rangers Companies part of Ranger battalion.

Ganesh promoted to Major on the 31st of July 2022 and was assigned as the Officer Commanding of Headquarters Command Service and Support Company in 2 RGR in Shorncliffe. He retired from Regular service on the 1st of April 2023.

He applied for re-employment in the Army Reserve on FTRS and was selected to be the Staff Officer Grade Three Reserve for the Army Medical Services (AMS).

His outstanding work ethic and professionalism as a soldier and an officer, defined his time in the Brigade of Gurkhas for 32 years. He was not only proficient at his military work, but had hidden talents of painting and playing various musical instruments.

He will sadly be missed, but incredibly well remembered. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.