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The 9th Gurkha Rifles was a Gurkha Regiment of the British Indian Army and dates it’s origin from the Infantry Levy at Fatehgarh in 1817 following the ending of the 2nd Nepal War in 1814. The Regiment was one of the five Gurkhas Regiments to remain in the Indian Army as part of the tripartite agreement for partition. Great pride in the Regiments’ history and high standards of achievement have been maintained and a close relationship with former British Officers and their families endures; once the Regiment always the Regiment.The 9th was the only Gurkha Regiment to recruit soldiers from the Khasa root, the Chettri (Kshtriya) and Thakuri classes, which it is believed originated from refugees from the 11th Century Mohammendan invasion of India. The Regiment was one of the few Regiments who can claim a battle honour “Bhurtpore” from 1826 and “Sobraon” in 1846 and was heavily involved in both World Wars with service in France, Middle East, Italy, Burma and Malaya (Chindits, Special Forces) as well as Indonesia. Three Victoria Crosses were awarded.

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