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Extended - Gurkha Photographic and Video Competition - New Closing Date 31st October

The Gurkha Photographic and Video Competition 2021

Following on from some fantastic photographs entered into the competition in 2020, we are running the competition again in 2021 this time with a new section for video. This is an opportunity to show us and our audiences your skills behind the lens of a camera, video camera and even your mobile phone.

See the results from the 2020 competition

What are we looking for?

  • Images and video that will enhance the Gurkha Brand and Community.
  • People-focused.
  • Military Exercises
  • Military Operational images – noting these will need clearance from PJHQ.
  • Military Training.
  • Sport and Physical activity (Individual and groups).
  • Adventurous Training.
  • COVID19 activity both operational supporting or general activity in line with Government guideline and supporting key messaging.
  • Family activity (at home or with friends.
  • Hobbies and things you do in your downtime.
  • Locational and travel.

Criteria to take part

  • In order to take part, you must be a serving member of the Brigade of Gurkhas or Gurkha veteran at the time the application process ends on 31st October 2021.
  • Personal submission details must be correct.
  • HQBG will not respond to email entries unless necessary.
  • You will be informed by email if you were in the top 6. The winner will receive a prize.
  • HQBG will not be liable for any costs of capturing and sending the images.
  • The file size must be at least 3MB. Set your device to capture at its maximum resolution. If unsure look up how to do this online for your chosen device.
  • Images can be captured on any device.
  • Image files must meet the minimum image size of 3MB file size to allow for enlarged printing.
  • The images must have been taken in a period from 1 November 2020 – 30 September 2021. Metadata attached to any image will verify this.
  • No collages – multiple images pasted together in software.
  • You may use software to enhance the photograph. Noting that simple images are often better.
  • Images can be portrait or landscape.
  • Images that do not fulfil the criteria will be discounted.
Photo by Major Ben Norfield
Photo by Lance Corporal Amir
photo by Lance Corporal Sawa SHerpa

What you can win!

Photographic entries

  • Prizes will be online vouchers and not exchangeable for cash.
    • First place £150.00 voucher
    • Second place £75.00 voucher
  • The top six winning entries will appear in PARBATE, on the GBA website and on social media.
  • The top six images will be displayed in the Gurkha museum for a period of time post competition.

Video entries

  • Top prize only £150.00
  • The video will feature on the GBA and Amy website if suitable.
  • If will feature on the HQBG YouTube channel.
  • All good videos suitable for public viewing will be uploaded to the HQBG Facebook page.

Copyright considerations

  • You must have taken the image(s). This will be verified on Google images for copyright infringements.
  • If the images show children under the age of 16, entrants must have parental permission in place to take and use that image for this competition.

How to submit your media

  • You can send up to 3 images or 3 videos – You may enter both parts of the competition
  • The Application form is available on this website.
  • Application forms must be completed in full.
  • HQBG will retain all images for possible use on HQBG and or GBA outputs.
  • No reference to the photographer can be guaranteed if the images are used post the competition.
  • REVISED DEADLINE – The closing date for entries is 31st OCTOBER 2021. Any entry after this date will be ignored.
  • All entries must be sent by email on the link below.

Email us your entries and forms

Email the team

Application form for the Competition

To enter you need to submit up to three images and complete this form and send to us:

Download the form

Rules of the competition

This is a copy of the rules of the competition for 2020. The closing date for entries is 30 September 2021.

See the full rules here

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